Documentaries on the artist, by the artist and including several of his series of his works: pastels, paintings, drawings, installations, exhibitions and more. Gregg Simpson’s YouTube Channel is here.

A New Arcadia: The Art of Gregg Simpson
(24 min.)

  • BRAVO TV Documentary, 2003 Fountain Productions
  • FIFA 2004, McCord Museum, Montreal 
  • PLAY III 2004, Museo de Arte Ángel M. De Rosa,
  • Junìn, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Biennale Internaionale di Ferrara, 2004,
  •  Castello Estense Ferrara, Italy

The Colour of Dreams
(3:40 min.)

Galeria Arte Borgo, Rome
April, 2017

 The Atlantean Years 1970-1975
(4:08 min)
Museu Municipal Dom Dinis, Estremoz, Portugal
Regional Museum de Beja, Beja, Portugal
Museo-Fundacion Granell, 
Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Dreamscapes:  Surrealist Art in Canada
(6:16 min)
Fountain Productions Demo 

Floral Immersions
 (with Jeanne Sarich)
(1:19 min)
Bowen Island Art Centre, 2015

West Coast Surreal, A Canadian Perspective
(1:47 min)
Museo Granell, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 2005

Out of the Woods
(6:48 min)
Evergreen Cultural Centre, 
Coquitlam, November, 2011

Lost Worlds
(1:25 min)
Mixed Media, 2010

Life With  Dada
(5:09 min)

Green Mansions
(7:45 min)