Critical Writing, Reviews, Publications

Critical Writing and Reviews

Open Letter, Surrealism in Canada,
Gregory Betts, Brock University Press

Derrame, L’edicion especial hommenage a Cruzeiro Seixas,
Santiago, Chile

   Caleidoscopio Surrealista, Una visión del surrealismo internacional1919/2011, Miguel Corrales
      Out of the Woods and into the Mind, catalogue essay by curator, Astrid Heyerdahl

      El Umbral Secreto, catalogue from Museo Solidad de Salvador Allende, Santiago

O contrário do Olhar
catalogue from the Casa de Cultura, Coimbra, Portugal

     West Coast Surreal, A Canadian Perspective
, Museo Granell, Santiago de Compostela, Spain (catalogue essay by Natalia Segarra)

     Un  Canadien  expose Salle des Arts, Nice Matin, Nice, France

Artist Doesn’t Conform To Mold, ArtistsinCanada feature by Paul Constable.

     Highlights im Lichthaus, Tiroliner, Innsbruck, Austria
     Canadian Artist Expose a l’Aeroport de Nice, Le Petit Nicoise, Nice, France

Janet Smith, Driven to Abstraction, feature article, Georgia Straight, Vancouver
     Gregg Simpson Expose, review of Dessins Selectionées, Seillans, Var-Matin
A New Arcadia, photo and notices, International Herald Tribune, Milan, Italy.
Gregg Simpson at Studio Dieci, L’Informaffare, Notzia Oggi, Vercelli, Italy

      Superiore Inconnu (feature page) edited by Sarane Alexandrian, Paris
      Master Painters Showcase, International Artist magazine, Sydney, Australia
Dizionario Antologico e Critico Di Poeti, scrittori e artisti italiani  contemporanei, edizioni Tigullio- Bacherontius, Turin, Italy

Il Volo Di Icaro Utopia, tra sogno e realta quotidiana
, Edizioni Tigullio- Bacherontius, Turin, Italy


José Pierre: In the Beginning, Gregg Simpson essay, Paris , 1995

Constellations, Surrealism and Its Affinities
, Carleton University (catalogue)

        Ann Rosenberg, Feature review: Tribal Dynamics, Vancouver Sun

        Robert Linsley, review of Modern Ghosts, Vanguard Magazine

Carol M. Cram, Gregg Simpson: Works of Excavation & Transference: Feature article in Terzoochio Magazine, Bologna, Italy.
Carol M. Cram: New Mythologies/Inner Landscapes: West Coast Surrealists Revisited, feature article: Vie Des Arts Magazine, Montreal

José Pierre: L’Univers Surréaliste: Editions Somogy, Paris
Dr. David Burnett, and Marilyn Schiff, Contemporary Canadian Painting, Hurtig Publishing, Edmonton

Elisabeth Topp: Gregg Simpson at Galerie Surrealiste, Artmagazine, Toronto

Scott MacKillop: West Coast Surrealists: feature review, Artmagazine, Toronto

        Natalie Luckyj: Other Realities, The Legacy of Surrealism in Canadian Art  (catalogue essay, Queens University Press)
The West Coast Surrealist Group, feature article by Gregg Simpson, Terzoochio Magazine, Bologna, Italy

Les Peintres hermétiques de la Côte Ouest du Canada
, feature article by Brad Collins, Vie des Arts, Montreal

Joan Lowndes: Simpson’s Surrealistic Claws and Crescent Moons of Atlantis, feature article, Vancouver Sun.

         Canadian Artists in Exhibition, Volume 2, Roundstone Press, Toronto

Joan Lowndes: Surrealist Has Desert Mission: feature article, Vancouver Sun
Richard Simmins, feature review of the Vancouver School of Collage, UBC Fine Arts Gallery,  (reproduced  assemblages by Gregg Simpson), Vancouver Sun
Joan Lowndes, review of the Vancouver School of Collage, UBC Fine Arts Gallery, Vancouver Province

Light Box sculpture mentioned in review of Intermedias, Victoria Art Gallery.

Review of Collage Exhibition, Mandan Ghetto by Maija Bismanis, Vancouver Sun

Academic Studies:

        2005: Surrealism and Mediology in English Canada, Université J.V. Picardie, Amiens, Prof. Yves Laroque

        2001: Essay on the New Arcadia Series, Prof. Antonio Malmo, Accademia Tiberina, Rome, Italy

        1996: The Idea of Surrealism in English Canada, Prof. Yves Laroque, Sorbonne, Paris

        1981: José Pierre: Surrealism in Canada, Université Rabelais de Tours, France


Co-founder of Coast Art Trust Society, Vancouver, 2005-2011
West Coast Surrealist Group, 1977-2014
New Orchestra Workshop, 1977-2012
Intermedia, Vancouver, 1967-73



Pierre Alechinsky, Jean Arp, Hans Bellmer, Joseph Beuys, Alexander Calder, Jorge Camacho, Christo, Salvador Dali,  Adrien Dax, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst,
Alberto Giacometti, Wifredo Lam, Le Corbusier, Rik Lina, Conroy Maddox, Rene Magritte, Andre Masson, Robero Matta, Joan Miro, Henry Moore,
Robert Motherwell, Meret Oppenheim, Man Ray, Dorothea Tanning, Antonio Tapies, Andy Warhol, Victor Vasarely, John Welson, Alfred Wols, Paul Wunderlich.

Leon Bellefleur, Jean Benoit, Paul Emile Borduas, Kittie Bruneau, Marcel Ferron, Roland Giguerre, Pnina Granirer, Don Jarvis, Jock MacDonald,
Guido Molinari, Alfred Pellan, Ivan Eyre, Jean Paul Riopelle, Toni Onley, William Ronald, Jack Shadbolt, Tony Urquhart, Jeff Wall, Ian Wallace,
Joyce Weiland, Jack Wise, Alan Wood.



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