Classic Mode: A Reverie.

Taken in Europe between 1994 and 2001. These photographs comprise numerous poetic subjects that evoke the world of antiquity, from neo-classical statuary to archaeological sites in southern France; from fountains in the parks of London, to the temples and gardens of Rome and Paris.

Classic Mode: A Reverie. New Arcadia Publishing, 2008, $15.00 incl. mailing

“By assigning each photograph a title completely of his own invention Simpson succeeds in detaching each photograph from its precise place in history and the narrative of his own life and vacations. They are first de-contextualized, and then, re-contextualized by Simpson’s intervention, discovering, uncovering or inventing in this process an entirely new set of meanings, previously hidden, but full of drama and sudden portent.” – from Surrealism in Deep Disguise by  Jamie Reid.

Lake Goddess, Kensington Gardens, London, 1994
Goddess of the Trees, Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, 1994
Transformation, Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, 1995


Contemplation, Arles, 1995
Classic Mode, Villa Borghese, Rome, 1994
Moment in Florence, Florence, 1999
Moment in Florence, Florence, 1999
The Prisoner, Rome, 2000


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