IMG_2682A prolific and critically recognized artist and musician, Gregg Simpson has exhibited his paintings, drawings, and mixed media works around the world. His work is included in several academic studies, art history books and journals published in Canada, Europe, and Australia and has been exhibited in several historical surveys on surrealism. His studio is on Bowen Island, BC, near Vancouver.

In 2003, a nationally broadcast documentary was made for BRAVO TV on the artist’s life and work, A New Arcadia: The Art of Gregg Simpson.


My Process

My work involved an evolution through aspects of surrealism and abstraction. I began in the 60s as a hard-edge, Pop-influenced painter, who also did collages, drawings and multi-media. In the 1970’s I developed a neo-surrealist style, which eventually worked its way to a form of lyric abstraction.

I now work on the border between abstraction and surrealism, between formal design and automatist gesture.  A painting may evolve from shapes and forms into  a lyrical, atmospheric work, or into one where a structure or contour suggests the figure, the landscape, or even still life, but transformed into a purely imaginative  realm, a personal, yet universal, world of forms, the meaning of which changes with each viewer.

I continue to emphasize the importance of mark making and automatist improvisation because the physical act is always necessary to create art.


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