Gregg Simpson’s career spans almost six decades, and includes work done in a range of styles, particularly surrealism and abstraction. Browse the new work done in the mediums of painting, pastel, ink and mixed media.


You can also see a catalogue of recent works and a survey of works from the 1960’s to the early 2000’s in Past Works.

Simpson is also the subject of a BRAVO TV Documentary entitled A New Arcadia: The Art of Gregg Simpson and various series can be seen on his page of videos and animations.  You can make an appointment to visit his studio on Bowen Island, now the home of Coastal Patterns Gallery, formerly on Artisan Square.

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The Artist’s Facebook Groups

The artist also maintained a dual career from the 1960’s on as a noted jazz drummer, composing pieces, recording and touring with many groups.Visit the Music Site.

Simpson also created the online West Coast Foundation for Modern Art with several important studies of art movements, multi-media experiments, architecture and Links.

Nicole Donnely, a curator in Mexico City, wrote that Simpson’s paintings flux between the solid, rooted world and the  ethereal. Writer and Surrealist historian, José Pierre, a colleague of André Breton in the Surrealist Group, wrote that  Simpson knows how to add pyramids and clouds, geometry and the breeze, the palpable and the impalpable, the visible and the invisible


Artist Statement

My work involved an evolution through aspects of surrealism and abstraction. I began in the 60s as a hard-edge, Pop-influenced painter, who also did collages,  drawings and multi-media. In the 1970’s I developed a neo-surrealist style, which eventually worked its way to a form of lyric abstraction.  I now work on the border between abstraction and surrealism, between formal design and automatist gesture.  A painting may evolve from shapes and forms into a lyrical, atmospheric work, or into one where a structure or contour suggests the figure, the landscape, or even still life, but transformed into a purely imaginative realm, a personal, yet universal, world of forms, the meaning of which changes with each viewer.  I continue to emphasize the importance of mark making, automatism and improvisation, because the physical act is always necessary to create art.

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